Faithful Brain Foundational Knowledge Series

Leonard N. Matheson PhD

Knowledge Series in Video Format


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Audio Files and Transcripts

Lesson 1


Introduction to the Possibilities Available to Us Through

the Integration of Faith and Neuroscience

Lesson 2


Jesus’ Brain

The Perfect Model for Our Faithful Brains

Lesson 3


Brain Integration, Brain Dis-Integration and Homeostasis

as the Foundation of Psychological Resilience

Lesson 4


Dealing with Anxiety and Depression by

Developing Character Strengths

Lesson 5


Building Character Strengths

with the Healthy Hippocampus Exercise

Lesson 6


Michael and Christine

The Power of Relationships and the Danger of Isolation

Lesson 7


Treating Michael’s PTSD and Severe Clinical Depression

Caused by Circumstances Surrounding Christine’s Death

Lesson 8

Using the faithful brain model of Christian counseling

with people who’ve experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Lesson 9


Helping Candace deal with

the long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse.

Lesson 10


The case of a law enforcement veteran incidentally

traumatized by the “Night Stalker” case.