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…is the natural behavioral expression of our innermost spiritual selves. Character develops through interaction with others, the environment within which we live and the choices we make. Although character is well developed by the time we reach our mid 20s, it can continue to change throughout our lifetimes. Character is manifested physically in the brain as dominant networks of neurons that guide thoughts, choices and behavior.

Building Jesus-Like Character Exercise

Jesus developed and expressed character in perfect alignment with the character of God. In so doing, he experienced human life to the fullest extent possible. This exercise will help you leverage the God designed transformational capabilities of your brain to develop Jesus-like character. The exercise begins with you assessing the expression in your life of 24 character strengths associated with human thriving.

To complete the self-assessment, which typically takes 10-15 minutes, click the button below. Within a couple of days of completing the assessment you will receive an email with your self-assessment results and instructions for the character building exercise.

It’s Free

There is no charge for participating in this exercise.