Faithful Brain Fitness

Faithful brain fitness recognizes the Bible’s integrated and indivisible view of the human person; heart, soul, mind, and strength. It  brings this integrated approach to Christian personal growth and transformation.

According to the Biblical narrative, Jesus is the only person who lived human life in perfect harmony with God’s original design. As such, he used God designed brain capabilities to develop and maintain his brain in a way that was perfectly faithful to its design. His life and teaching are a guide, a “brain fitness guide” if you will, for developing brains that are more faithful to God’s design, transforming us into a a clearer reflection of the image of God.

Fitness Challenge 

The Fitness Challenge is a customized report containing your responses to an online fitness assessment along with information, suggestions and exercises you can use to improve your brain fitness.  To get your Challenge report, click the button below to complete the fitness assessment.  Its our gift to you.

Note: The report refers to Dr. Matheson’s book, “Your Faithful Brain: Designed for so much more!” in several places so, if you don’t already have a copy, you might want to pick one up.