A BIG THANKS! to Dr. Kelly Haer and her Psych Testing class at Pepperdine University.

Thirty-one students participated in our Character Strengths Program. Each student completed a self-evaluation of their character strengths and invited five friends and family members to share their perspective on the student’s character strengths.

Dr. Haer said the students felt vulnerable requesting this type of feedback from family and friends but were relieved to find their self-assessment was similar to their friends and family’s evaluation. According to Dr. Haer, the feedback seemed to boost their self-confidence and helped them focus on developing a particular character trait or two.

What students said about their experience:

I really appreciated gaining new insights into what my family and friends thought of my best character traits, as well as what I may need to work on more.

It was very interesting to see the differences in what I thought my best character strengths were as opposed to the opinions of my closest friends and my parents.

Knowing that the people that know me best believe in my ability to lead and have faith in my ability to persist with a task despite obstacles that come my way gives me the confidence to continue persisting in the face of hardship while still finding ways to love life.

At the end of exercise, students provided us with several valuable suggestions for improving and refining the program.

If you know of a group or organization you think might be interested in participating in the Character Strengths Program, drop me a note at mark@faithfulbrain.com.