I sometimes sit in Sunday service and wonder what it would be like to have a neuroscientist lead worship.

When I spend time in the The Human Brain Book I am compelled to worship God! The intelligence and creativity of God reflected in the structure, functions and systems of the human brain is breathtaking. Could sharing this information in a corporate worship setting enrich the worship experience and draw people closer to God?

In Chapter 5 of Your Faithful Brain, Dr. Matheson talks about “neuroplasticity”, the always working process by which neurons in our brain make new connections and modify existing connections with other neurons in response to input from our body, mind and the world around us. He tells how for decades the scientific community resisted the idea of neuroplasticity, even after credible evidence of its existence was presented, because conventional thinking was that the brain could not possibly function in this way without becoming disorganized and chaotic. They underestimated the magnificent design and unknowable potential of our brains.

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