In The Road to Character, author David Brooks says our culture is out of balance and devalues human life. He points to evidence of:

…a broad shift from a culture of humility to the culture of what you might call the Big Me, from a culture that encouraged people to think humbly of themselves to a culture that encourage people to see themselves as the center of the universe.

According to Brooks, in the past culture of humility, people tended to see themselves as “crooked timber”, people who were broken, had weaknesses and “sinned”. These people acknowledged and confronted their flaws, building lives of character and virtue that led them to the pursuit of purposes that transcended themselves, serving others and the world.¬†Brooks calls us back to a character building and virtue centered life through a set of 15 propositions he calls a Humility Code.

While not a “Christian” book, there is significant alignment with the Biblical view of the human condition and the need for salvation and sanctification.

This book is recommended reading for anyone who wants to more clearly understand our current culture and the vital need to become people with the mind and character of Jesus.