In his wonderful and highly recommended book, Dallas Willard says this about our spiritual self:

“The human spirit (heart or will) is an inescapable, fundamental aspect of every human being; and it takes on whichever character it has from the experiences and the choices that we have lived through or made in our past.”

Modern neuroscience helps us understand the physical aspect of Biblical “transformation”.

Neuroplasticity is an ever active process of neurons in our brains connecting and reconnecting with other neurons forming networks or patterns based on the choices we make and the experiences life brings us.

Our values, beliefs and character are formed and maintained in predominant neural networks that encourage and reinforce thoughts and outward behavior that track with those networks.

Repeated behavior reinforces networks creating habits hard to change because our brains are designed to form and complete patterns.

By choosing to repeatedly “put on” the character of Jesus, we cooperate with the Holy Spirit in transforming our heart, spirit, and will into the heart, spirit and will of Jesus.

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How clearly does your character reflect Jesus’ character?